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Upload Reports Tutorial E-mail
We all know that "uploading reports to FTP server" in the game is a process we dread because it is painfully slow and we usually hope that it's lunchtime so we can let the upload continue unattended. The following procedure uploaded 16 days worth of game logs, boxscores and player pages, for a 24 team league, to my server in just 41 seconds! As you'll see in the tutorial video, the entire process from zipping, converting archive format, uploading and extracting files, to have the league report completely viewable and accessible, takes about 3 minutes.

1. Download and upzip this file. It is a pre-made PHP program called "setup.php" that will extract your files on your server.

2. Open Power Archiver and select "File" and "New Archive". Name the file "ooptreport" and for compression type choose "TAR GZIPed" and click Save.

3. The next dialogue box is "Add". For "Compression" select "GZIPTar". Next, you need to browse and find the folder that holds your league report (same as Destination Folder in OOTP's Online League Setup). Highlight it and click "Add". There will be a short pause while the program starts the archive.

4. Once finished, use your FTP program to upload the "ootpreport.TAR.gz" and the setup.php file into a directory on your server.

5. Point your internet browser at the "setup.php" file (example:

Instantly, everything will extract.

6. For security, delete the "setup.php" and "ootpreport.TAR.gz" files from your server.

7. Finally, point your internet browser at and you should see the report.

Download this video to see how I did it on my computer. My operating system is Japanese Windows XP but the motions are all the same and the software I used was in English. In the video, I did things a little slowler than I normally do so you should have no problem following each step. The entire video is just over 4 minutes. The video is in realtime, with no narration, and there are no cuts or edits so you can see just how fast this whole process is.


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